Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cowl Gurl for WIWW

I usually just share what I am wearing while I am writing on Wednesday but today I'm sharing what I wore Thursday.

Why? Because last Thursday I wore my all time favorite sweater with what has become my  favorite (and longest) casual dress and I thought, what if none of my WIWW friends see this? It made me a little sad.

Totally taking pictures in the dressing booth at work. It was a slow day.
Cowl: H & M // Sweater: Joseph A faux silk //  Legwarmers worn as armwarmers // Bracelet: 70's Hippie vintage via mom // Dress: Velvet (via clothing swap)  // Leggings: Maggie's Organics (worn over thermal leggings #NEwinter) // Boots: Land's End. They're no longer available, but they're a bootleg version (pun intended) of LL Bean's Bean Boots

The pictures of what I'm wearing today didn't turn out so hot. I like my outfit but the lighting is terrible (because it's grey outside), I'm tired (because it's grey outside), and I've decided I hate my wig (because it's HUGE). I'm sharing a picture anyway, just to keep it real. We can't always think we look great, even on Wednesdays!

Me, today.
Afro wig: Fulton Mall // Cowl: H & M // Sweater: French Connection (via friend) // Bracelet: 70's Hippie vintage (via mom) // Skirt: Mandee's (memorable clearance rack score) // Leggings: Maggie's Organics (worn over thermal leggings #NEwinter)

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  1. i spy some separates that need to make their way into my closet and i'm a huge fan of the infinity scarf! new to your blog by way of the wiww linkup. enjoy your wednesday;)


    1. Chandra, we'll have to find ourselves at the same clothing swap one day then! Hee hee! Going to your blog now. Happy WIWW!

  2. I LOVE your hair. Oh man. It's gorgeous!

    So is that cowl - it's so dramatic AND so cozy!

    1. Thanks Ashley! Yeah, the cowl is eco-friendly too because wearing it as part of my outfit means I can keep the thermostat a few degrees lower. Yay!



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