Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sometimes What I Wore Tuesday is WIWW

I slept in until 11am today because I drank too much the night before. It's not as wild as it sounds. I only drank two glasses of wine in celebration of my boyfriend's birthday. Wine randomly makes me perk up in the middle of the night so even though I went to bed at 11, I was up from 2:30am to almost 7am.

When I sleep in, I usually just grab what I wore the day earlier so that I can bounce into my day. Today was no exception.

Tuesday morning: perky and bewigged. Wednesday night: "Is it bedtime yet?"

Afro wig: Fulton Mall // Earrings: Aye' Shanti Designs // Scarf: clothing swap // Sweater babydoll dress: clothing swap, designed by LinQ Los Angeles  // 1/2 sleeve tee: H & M // Bracelet: 70's Hippie vintage via mom // Legwarmers, worn as armwarmers //  Leggings, over thermals over more leggings. (I'm serious about staying warm!) // Socks: Hue, similar to these, but from an earlier season. I love these! // Boots: Land's End. They're no longer available, but they're a bootleg version (pun intended) of LL Bean's Bean Boots

And because he's so handsome, especially on his birthday, here's what my guy wore:

What He Wore Tuesday
Blazer: Urban Outfitters clearance rack // Shirt: J Crew 80s 2 Ply Cotton // Screenprinted Tie: Made in Providence by Bit & Little Bit, available at Craftland

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  1. Hey, ya know, sometimes that's just how it works! Ain't nothing wrong with wearing the same clothes over again!



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