Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Victory Roll Roll-out for WIWW

Last week an adorable customer came into Craftland sporting a victory roll and deep red lips. Later that evening, I couldn't sleep and my late night travels on the world wide web led me to The Retro Natural blog and her YouTube channel, CurlyChronicles.

Was the Universe giving me a sign that I needed to try my hand at 40s style? Perhaps! Normally, I frown on era style dressing: It feels too costume-y for me. But I can hang with a little bit of the 40s. I love all things grandma anyhow, so why not dress like grandma did in her heyday? I don't own any clothing from that era so I'll have to start with my hair.

I finally got my boyfriend to take my photos for WIWW. This is a victory!

Hair: This morning I created my very first victory roll (#harderthanitlooks) and made some crazy twisty updo in my hair while I listened to a podcast on bringing a public compost program to RI. The entire production took about 15 minutes! // Hair Clip: handmade by me // Earrings: Leetie Lovendale // Cubic Zirconia Necklace: Dahlia Kanner Studio // Sweater: Moth (via my friend Kate) //  Legwarmers worn as armwarmers // Dress: H & M Forever 21 (clearance)  // Leggings: Maggie's Organics (worn over thermal leggings #NEwinter)

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pleated poppy 

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  1. Love the hair and the hair pin! It's adorable. You look fabulous!

  2. If you look like grandma, you've been taking cues from a really stylish grandma :) I love the victory roll, and I'm definitely going to try it. I'm lazy with my hair, so it's usually twistouts and puffs, but I really like this :)

    Found you via What I Wore Wednesday at the Pleated Poppy



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