Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIWW: Yellow, How are You?

How are you? I've been feeling really optimistic this past week (I'll explain why in a future post) but tonight I'm just feeling "meh."

One thing I like to do to lift my spirits is change into something bright and airy, like this skirt.

Making sure I make all the iPhone photo cliches: selfie (check) & cat photobomb (check)!

Hair: summer nubins (I just twist & pin up my hair into mini buns. It's too hot for a 'fro!)  // Halter: Free People (I've had this top over 10 years!) // Bracelet: 70s hippie vintage via Mom // Skirt: Random discount store dress that I shrunk then cut into a skirt (Cheap clothes always shrink!)  //  Shoes: Sam by Dansko

Does wearing bright clothing help improve your mood? Do you have any "get happy" outfits?

See what other bloggers are wearing, and share your style, at The Pleated Poppy:

pleated poppy

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  1. Oh, I so have "get happy" outfits--the kitty ears outfit was one of them! :P You look really good in yellow!

  2. i like your "get happy" outfit and have a similar skirt in turquoise. i think what we put on can affect our mood...especially when we rock something that makes us feel so fly!! ps//thanks for the compliment...maybe my workouts are paying off!

    1. Thanks Chandra. Ooo, I would love to have a skirt like this in turquoise! And yeah, have you blogged about your work out regimen? Inquiring minds want to know :-) Although I did 5 sets of stairs at the park then ran home (it's just 5 blocks) and nearly saw stars today. I'm sure I've gotta work my way up to whatever you're doing. Your abs are an inspiration though!



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