Wednesday, July 31, 2013

#WIWW: Solving Problems with Summer Layers

I am so in love with this brilliant new outfit!

Beaded Necklace (worn as headband): H & M // Earrings: via South Africa // Top: Forever 21 // Tank Dress: Alternative Apparel // Screen printed Cuff: Handmade in Brooklyn by my friend Sarah Djarnie // Shoes: Bass

I have some problems with the main pieces of this outfit. First problem: I always felt the grey basic dress was too dull on its own. Second problem: The dress does not play nice with any of my bras. The top of my bra peeks up from the low neckline and the straps are visible from the racer back. This yellow top is not without its own issues, two major ones being its transparency and super cleavage factor.

I solved these problems by playing into each troublesome item's strengths to create a kickass outfit. I love the bright color of the yellow top, why not pair it with this dress? It's light enough, after all. And voila, magic happened! No more extreme cleavage. No more bra issues. Just a new outfit I'm super excited about. Hooray!

Lucy really didn't want to be in this picture, but I dragged her into the frame. She's too darned cute!

Have you found an awesome way to mix and match clothes you rarely wear lately? What problems have you solved by shifting your focus to strengths?

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  1. You are a genius problem solver!! Great way to work with what you have a create a great outfit!

    Hello to your furry friend! I hope you have a great week!

  2. sometimes i will take a strapless dress that won't cooperate and wear as a skirt instead! love how you are always having fun with your selfies...cute summer look. enjoy your day;)

  3. Awesome transformation! I'll have to keep this in mind whenever I next pull out one of my troublesome items.



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