Wednesday, August 28, 2013

#WIWW: Feeling Nostalgic

I was looking through my Facebook pictures and decided I should share this favorite outfit from Summer 2009 for What I Wore Wednesday.

These photos were taken on July 4th in Greenpoint, Brooklyn by my dear friend Esty. They remind me of when she and I used to hang out all the time. When Esty took a million pictures. When summer days felt infinite as we went from dinner party to house party to dance party and made friends, sometimes furry, along the way.

I can't believe that was just four years ago. It feels like ten million. People always talk about how time flies but I feel like my personal time moves slowly, and more so as I age. One day often feels like a week, in a totally awesome, abundant way. Maybe that's just how summer is.

Earrings & Belt: Forever 21 // Dress: Derek Heart (It's now my fav skirt.) //  Sweater: Joseph A faux silk // Shoes: Simple // Tote: Sustainable NYC

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  1. Olivia, been reading your blog for a bit. I love it. Your green, vegan and health tips are the adorable style. Thanks for your blog!

    1. Oh Mary <3 thank you SO MUCH! It's really encouraging to know that people are really reading and enjoying this. You made my day much brighter. I hope you're having a bright day too. Hugs!

  2. The colors in this outfit are the PERFECT colors for transitioning from summer to fall :) LOVING it!

  3. Time moves crazy fast. I can't believe how quickly a year passes these days. Better enjoy each day while it lasts! :) And that outfit looks very much like "you" to me!



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