Wednesday, August 14, 2013

#WIWW: Rock Your Quirky!

10 years ago, I discovered a little lump on my face. Actually, I didn't discover it. A friend pointed it out to me and urged me to see a doctor. My confused doctor referred me to a cosmetic surgeon who quickly identified it as osteoma, a "bony growth."

A bony growth is a random overgrowth of bone cells. Basically, it's a benign bone tumor. Anywhere there is bone there is potential for a bony growth. You might have one lurking in your thigh bone but since it's covered with muscle you'd never know. I just happen to have it on my forehead cuz I'm lucky like that!

The surgeon said he could "chisel" the growth off in a minor surgery, but there is no way that's happening. It hasn't caused me any pain or other physical issues. In fact, I adore my bony growth! I lovingly refer to it as my nubbin and sometimes jokingly ask my boyfriend to kiss my head boner. (Heh heh!)

If my bony growth had popped up when I was 12, or even 17, my already wobbly self-confidence would have been devastated. But by 24, I knew I was beautiful and no little lump was going to change that. Now that I'm 33, you can't tell me nothin'! My nubbin is a daily reminder of how much I've grown to enjoy every quirky thing about myself.

Last week, I celebrated Nubbin Pride by rocking a vintage scarf tied into a little side bow. Okay, really it was because my hair was doing crazy things that I had no time to address. Still, the bow brought out my boner and I totally worked it. The best accessory is a joyful attitude!

Vintage scarf: via Beacon's Closet // Tri-color dress: SO Wear It, Declare It! via my dear friend Liz // Clogs: Sam by Dansko // Seersucker halter dress: also via Liz // Googley eyes initial lapel pin: handmade by Rainbow Sugar (Margaret Carleton), available at Craftland // at PVD Pops cart with supersweet owner Valeria during AS220 Foo Fest

What's something that's physically different about you? Do you notice that you have more confidence about your quirky as you age?

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P.S. I can't think of the word quirky without thinking of Sasha Cagen, who is doing awesome things to help everyone in the world celebrate their inner and outer quirky. Check her out!

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  1. your head scarf is WAY cuter than mine! Love hte bow!

    1. Ha! Thanks Priscilla. I think the secret to good head scarf is to play with it until it's in just the right place and to find the right tie for the size of the scarf. You'll eventually find a scarf you love and your son will be begging for one too!

  2. Love that headscarf!!! You are totally rockin it!

    Just Dawnelle

  3. I love how you're wearing that fabulous scarf! I have a weird growth on one of my legs. I thought it was a wart, but then I went to the dermatologist for another unrelated skin condition on my arm and he said it's not a wart and just to leave it alone, so now I have big growth on the back of my calf. Oh, well. As long as it's not dangerous or causing me pain, it stays. You are beautiful, bone growth and all! Good for you for leaving it alone.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! Yeah, I think those kind of things make every body interesting. It's also kind of amazing the things bodies sprout. We are alive!

  4. love your bright color choices and spunky spirit!!!! you have an awesome heart, girl!

  5. Wish I could rock a bow like that!

    You should come link up!

    Sarah @ Tucker Up

  6. head boner. dead.

    You look great! Love the scarf.

  7. I need that scarf in my life!!! care to send it my way. Too cute!

    1. hee hee! thanks Maggi! Good to hear from you! Hope all is well with you.

  8. Nice scarf-work! I can never get mine to look that cute!



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