Wednesday, October 9, 2013

WIWW: V is for Victory & Veggie Power Socks!

Wanna know why I'm so happy? 

My boyfriend gifted me the most amazing socks ever for my birthday. I imagine them as my health coach power socks. I've worn them at least twice this week while studying for my first exam at Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Socks by Sock It To Me

Despite these awesome socks, I was nervous before taking the exam. I'd been putting it off to the "right" time thinking I wasn't prepared. Wanting to get over this yucky awful feeling of not being good enough, I went to India Point Park with my boyfriend. I felt needed the water and earth energy to help calm me.

I started tapping, which is my newest tool for relieving stress, while we walked. Just as I was beginning to feel more relaxed and confident, a squirrel (my spirit animal) darted out of the bushes and across my path to jump into a tree. Surprised, I screamed and the squirrel paused to look at us. He telepathically sent me this message:

That was all the encouragement I needed. I went home, sat in front of my computer with renewed confidence, and took the test. I scored 100% on my first attempt!

Sunglasses: via NYC street vendor // Earrings: via South Africa // Sweater: Vintage by Joan Vass, USA (yet another birthday present!) // Dress: Esprit // Leggings: F21 // Shoes: Bass Earth

What are you feeling victorious about this week? Leave a comment so we can celebrate together!

P.S. My school, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, is offering a $1000 off tuition if you enroll by October 16th. Also they'll donate $100 in your name to support GMO labeling. If you're thinking about becoming a health coach now is an awesome time to sign up! Use this link for more info and/or contact me to talk about what it's like to be a student at IIN and see if the program might be right for you. (I'm an affiliate for my school so it's sort of my job to do this; don't feel like you're imposing.)

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  1. Love the socks! I think I need some:) And CONGRATULATIONS on your exam!!! I am feeling victorious about self improvement. I have been working on being more present and grateful and I feel like I am making some serious improvements!

    P.S I just started tapping digging it!

    1. Hey that's awesome Sarah! Gratitude is the best attitude! I think I'd like to work on being more present. It's a challenge especially when you are just starting a business. Love that you are tapping too. This is just my 3rd week of a 7 week group journey but I'm seeing some improvement.

  2. 100 on your exam??! That's incredible, Olivia! the leggings (my favorite fall wardrobe piece!)

  3. those socks are INCREDIBLE! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
    your newest follower ;)

    1. thanks for visiting me here too! yay for new internet friends!!!



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