Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WIWW: I Dressed Like a Dog

My mom's doxie Cocoa is still visiting. She and I wore matching cable knit turtlenecks on Monday. We're ready to hit the pub!

Jacket: gift from my Mom // Sweater: Express // Skirt: American Apparel (It's got one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel but I'm probably gonna wear this until it's a single thread. So comfy!) // Leggings: random discount store // Cocoa's sweater: Canine Styles

I also wore my favorite wellies from Lands End.

Do you ever coordinate outfits with your dog? And, how cute are these matching doggie and baby tees from babawowo on Etsy? 

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  1. Love it! Hey, Happy New Year!! How's it going? I love your quote about your skirt and I might have to rip it off. :) What a cute look and all on a dime I'm sure? Happy, Joyful 2014 to you and yours!

  2. Hi Shon! Happy New Year! So happy to hear from you! :-)
    Yes, totally on a dime: skirt: from friend who didn't want it. sweater: same story, different friend. jacket: mom. the only things I paid for with cash were the leggings and boots. Mom mom told me Cocoa's sweater was $70. I almost fainted. Not sure I've ever bought a sweater for $70!

  3. Whoa...on a dog's sweater!! That is a posh pooch! I don't think I own a $70 sweater either!

  4. Holy crap you guys are adorable. I'm especially loving those sunny, fun yellow rain boots! Happy New Year, lady!! xxoo

  5. Hey Kym! Thanks :-) I think Cocoa's company makes me extra adorable. Happy New Year! Hugs!



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