Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WIWW: Wacky

I always dress exactly the way I want. Some days I pile on all my favorite clothes and realize I'm dressed a little wacky. Those are generally the days I have the most fun!

Hat: Handmade by Nirvana Designs in Nepal via Exit 9 // Earrings: handmade by Lucky Bird Studio via Craftland // Scarf: handmade by Kristin Crane, also via Craftland //  Sweater: Vintage by Joan Vass, USA via Communal General Store //  Dress: F21 //  Bracelet: vintage via Mom // Leggings: random discount store // Leg warmers: Strawberry // Boots: Faith by Dansko  

Do you ever dress wacky? 

See what other bloggers are wearing, and share your style, at The Pleated Poppy:

pleated poppy

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  1. It must not be that cold in Providence! Where is the snow?? How come I don't see any snow??? :-/

  2. Ha! We took these photos last week. Trust me, we're cold here too. It was 8 degrees feels like -11 at 9am today. There was also a foot of snow.



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