Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WIWW: Winter RI Food Swap Style

I'm a volunteer co-organizer of the RI Food Swap and we hosted an event at Stock Culinary Goods on Sunday. This post is about what I wore and what I did.

Hat: Handmade by Nirvana Designs in Nepal via Exit 9 // Necklace: H & M, I think // Sweater: Vintage // Skirt: Necessary Objects // Leggings: F21 // Leg warmers: Strawberry // Boots: Faith by Dansko 

RI Food Swap is a community group that encourages the celebration, discovery and sharing of handmade and homegrown food. A food swap is part silent auction/part village marketplace/part fun-loving open house where your homemade, homegrown, and foraged creations become your own personal currency for use in swapping with other participants.
The swap is a great way to diversify your pantry while meeting your friends and neighbors.

At our events we collect items to be donated to the Rhode Island Community Food Bank. There's also quite a bit of munching and sipping on samples and potluck offerings.

Left: with co-organizer, Jessica. Right: Scoping out the goods.

I made gluten free vegan black bean brownies. They were fudgy and tasty but not too camera ready, so there's no photo. Instead, here's a link to the recipe on The Minimalist Baker. She's got lotsa great photos of her good lookin' treats. I swapped my brownies for waffles, pickled red onions, and whole jar of fennel seeds from a local garden. Bonanza!

Wanna start your own food swap or find one in your area? Check out

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If you're visiting from WIWW, please say hi and leave a link to your WIWW post in the comments. I don't wanna miss what you wore. Hugs!

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