Olivia Lane Lovejoy
Holistic Health Educator

Olivia Lane Lovejoy teaches her tribe how to work with nature and their intuition to transform themselves from the inside out.

Olivia has been empowering people to make more enlightened choices regarding their health as a blogger for 10 years--her first website,, won a VegWebby award for best new website and VegNews magazine even named her one of the Top 20 Vegans Under 30.

The natural charisma that earns her a passionate Web following makes Olivia a compelling in-person event leader. Her interactive and entertaining workshops are fun, memorable and transformative.

“Olivia is the most enthusiastic and friendly presenter I have ever brought to work with my students at Pace University. She engaged students with her broad knowledge of healthy living and her boundless energy. They clearly liked her and enjoyed trying her inventive strategies for better health.” –Professor Jane Collins

“Olivia has an effervescent energy and I invariably feel good after spending time with her. She has a way of making people feel comfortable and at ease—not to mention the fun of learning what she is imparting.” –Sacha Moore

Olivia resides in Hastings on Hudson—a beautiful rivertown just outside of NYC—with her husband and their two cats. When she’s not working with clients or hosting workshops, Olivia is often spearheading food, clothing or book swaps—events that allow her to combine her passions for community and sustainable living. Olivia also plays an active leadership role in her local district of SGI, a Nichiren Buddhist lay organization.
Training and Education
The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, professional health coach training and certification program

Featured Workshops
All workshops are interactive and include a cooking/prep demo or food sampling.

Weigh Less, Live More
Tired of losing weight just to regain it months later? During this workshop, you’ll explore the causes of weight loss problems in America and learn why diets don’t work. You’ll also discover how to manifest your most radiant body and feel fully satisfied. (1 hr)

Eating for Energy
Do you find yourself crashing at 3pm? Have trouble maintaining focus throughout the day? Learn practical ways to fit energy boosting foods and lifestyle habits into your busy schedule so you can be productive all day. (1 hr)

Developing Compassion for Sugar Cravings
Are you constantly craving sweets and don’t know why? Learn how to gain control without guilt, shame or deprivation so you can have a delicious life and body. (1 hr)

pace energy balls.jpg

Pace University students after Eating for Energy workshop. Olivia holds platter of vegan energy balls made by students during the workshop. (More event photos available on Facebook:

Workshop Presenter Experience
Andrus on Hudson, Hastings on Hudson, NY
Pace University, Briarcliff, NY
Herbstalk Conference, Somerville, MA
Learning Connection, Providence, RI
Lady Project Summit, Providence, RI
Whole Foods Market, Providence, RI
Sustainable NYC, New York, NY
Brooklyn Skillshare, Brooklyn, NY

Please contact Olivia at if you are interested in hiring her to present a workshop at your conference, retreat, community space, office, school, fitness studio, gym, cafe, juice bar, PTA meeting, or mommy meetup.

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