Saturday, April 15, 2017

Is hard work bad for your health?

I recently watched the first episode of 30 Days, a program by Morgan Spurlock (the guy who made Super Size Me). In that episode Morgan and his fiancĂ©e Alex lived the life of folks who earn minimum wage for a month. Between the two of them, they had three full time jobs as unskilled laborers, yet they barely earned enough to both buy groceries and pay rent for an unfurnished, ant infested apartment in a former crack den. Not only were they needy for material goods, their physical health and relationship suffered.

Morgan Spurlock clocks in (via 30 Days: Minimum Wage)
This got me wondering: Is hard work bad for you? In this case, it was certainly not benefiting Morgan and Alex's lives. They were indisputably working hard but had a standard of life that begs one to question if a stay in prison might be better. At least there they'd be assured three meals and health care.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

How to Fix a Ceramic Kettle or Teapot with Nontoxic Glue

My husband gifted me the loveliest electric ceramic tea kettle for my birthday. Less than a month later, the spout-- along with my heart-- broke when I swung it into our countertop in a moment of absentmindedness.

The thought of tossing this fancy new kettle into a dumpster made me sad, while the thought of drinking tea made with hot water that passed through a spout covered in potentially toxic glue gave me the heebee geebees. Determined to repair it safely, I did some research to find a glue that:

  • wouldn't poison me when it leached into water as it passed through the spout 
  • would create a bond that could handle the heat of boiling water
  • would create a waterproof seal

In short, I needed strong, durable, nontoxic and food-safe glue.

I found DAP 00688 Household Waterproof Adhesive Sealant. It's a 100% silicone glue that is food grade and costs less than $5.

I followed these simple instructions.

Friday, October 28, 2016

How to Start a Vegan Cookbook Club

Looking for a fun way to expand both your collection of recipes and your network of neighborhood friends? You should create or join a cookbook club!

A cookbook club is essentially a hybrid of a book club and a potluck. Periodically, the group chooses a cookbook and each member selects one recipe from the book to cook and share at the next meeting. During the meeting, members discuss their opinions and experiences using the cookbook over a potluck meal.

Last May, I was inspired by an article on to start a vegan cookbook club here in Hastings on Hudson. In just a few months, the club has become quite popular. Over a dozen couples participated in our most recent meeting!

We are learning healthy, novel, and ethnically diverse ways of preparing food. We are making new friends with people who just moved to town, while also getting to know our long-time neighbors better. We are having long, interesting conversations and sharing resources about more than just food. We are talking about childcare, relationships, local politics, business openings, our new projects, local services, etc. All the kind of stuff you that makes it easier and more fun to live in a community.

I think every town could benefit from a cookbook club. If you can't find an existing club near you, here's how you can easily start one in your community.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Sweet Potato Carrot Apple Juice Recipe

Did you know that you can juice a sweet potato? You can! The terrific tubers make a juice that is both creamy and mildly sweet. Make the following recipe the next time you get a sugar craving or just want to try something new.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Best Vegan Cookbooks of 2016

Best Vegan Cookbooks of 2016*

Check out the 24 awesome vegan cookbooks that came out this year. Let this list inspire you to choose a book for your next local vegan cookbook club meeting or to explore new recipes on your own. There's a book in this 2016 bunch for every vegan and every vegan-curious person!

The 22-Day Revolution Cookbook
From the author of the massive bestseller The 22-Day Revolution comes a plant-based cookbook full of the tools you need to live a healthier, happier life, with more than 150 all-new, mouth-watering recipes and customizable meal plans to create your own 22-Day Revolution program.

Aquafaba: Sweet and Savory Vegan Recipes Made Egg-Free with the Magic of Bean Water
This groundbreaking cookbook is the first to explore the many uses for aquafaba – a miraculous plant-based egg replacer made from simple bean liquid. The bean liquid we used to throw away turns out to be one of the most astonishing culinary discoveries of the decade. With its amazing egg-replacement abilities, miraculous "aquafaba" can be used as an egg-replacer to make everything from French toast to lemon meringue pie. Aquafaba can be used as a binder in both sweet and savory recipes and is a boon to vegans, people with egg allergies, as well as anyone interested in innovative cooking with a magical new ingredient.

Baconish: Sultry and Smoky Plant-Based Recipes from BLTs to Bacon Mac & Cheese
Baconish is the only plant-based healthy bacon cookbook. With your plant-based bacons, you can make everything from Quiche Lorraine and a Bacon and Butternut Galette to BLTs, Bacon Cheeseburgers, and more.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Sweet Beet Walnut Bread Recipe [Vegan]

Carrot cake and zucchini bread, move over. There's a new sheriff in town and she's un-beet-able! If you have two medium beets and an hour to spare, you'll want to have a coffee date with this sweet and beautiful loaf. 

Friday, July 1, 2016

Asian Omelette with Napa Cabbage and Shiitake Mushrooms Recipe [Vegetarian, Gluten-free]

This omelette was inspired by a CSA-induced surplus of cabbage and unwieldy scallions, as well as a bottle of this flavorful Asian stir fry oil that is infused with fried onions, garlic, and ginger. However, I adapted the recipe below so that you can make it without that specific oil. (If you have the oil, you're free to omit the ginger and garlic.) If you don't have napa cabbage, use bok choy as a substitute.


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