Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Is It Worth Buying a Roomba or Ecovacs Deebot? [Review]

I love my Miele Compact Canister Vacuum. It's easy to move around. It sucks up practically every manner of debris and species of dust bunny thanks to its wonderful suction and various attachments. I can break it down into three parts for easy storage in my crowded closet. I've had my Miele for almost ten years and view it as one of the wisest purchases I've made. Whenever I go to someone's home and see they also have a Miele, I know we belong to the same tribe to savvy clean enthusiasts.

Yes, the Miele vacuum is amazing but there is one thing it can't do: It can't turn itself on and vacuum. This is why even if you have a fancypants vacuum that you love, you probably want a Roomba. But should you buy one?

Sadly, I don't have a Roomba so I can't advise if you should buy one. However, I was gifted an Ecovacs Deebot a few years ago. Ecovacs Deebot is an alternative brand of robotic vacuum that cost half the price of a Roomba. Deebots have a 4-star rating on Amazon just like Roombas too.

Should you buy a Deebot? Eh, depends.

If it's important for you to have your floor vacuumed and you can't/won't do it but a housecleaner isn't in your budget, then you should absolutely get yourself a Deebot. If that's not your only concern, here are a few things you should know before investing in a robot vacuum.

You have to do a lot of prep work to make it safe for the Deebot to vacuum. You have to pick up any cords that the Deebot could get tangled in. You may have to move furniture like chairs that Deebot could get stuck between the legs of. You must make sure there's nothing on the floor that is valuable and can be knocked over or sucked up. You've got to pick up the pet dishes so Deebot doesn't crash into them and make a mess. You absolutely need to make sure that one of your pets hasn't pooped, peed, or vomited, otherwise the robot could spread the mess all over the floor.

I've never felt comfortable auto-scheduling the device or turning it on from the app while I was out. I only use the Deebot while I'm home to supervise. I first pick up any hazards, then I let the Deebot run while I do other stuff like clean the bathroom and kitchen surfaces or declutter. All the while, I have to stay alert and listen to make sure the Deebot is not caught on something.

Another downside is the Deebot takes a relatively long time to vacuum. I can do a detailed vacuum of my small apartment in about 30 minutes with my Miele. When I use the Deebot, I need to spend five to ten minutes prepping the space and allow about an hour or longer for it to finish sweeping. If I'm in a rush because I've got visitors coming with short notice, that's time I may not have.

The upside is that the Deebot does a truly thorough job of sweeping both hardwood floors and carpeted areas. I'm most impressed by how well it sweeps under the bed, which is an area that's kind of awkward for my Miele to access. However, the Deebot can only sweep the floor. It can't pull out special attachments to suck up cobwebs in a corner, lure dust bunnies from narrow crevices, or remove cat hair from the couch. I still need to occasionally spot clean with the Miele to keep things under control.

All these things considered, the Ecovacs Deebot is a worthwhile purchase (or in my case, a great gift to receive). No, it hasn't provided the freedom I anticipated. Yes, it's an inconvenience to have to babysit it. Ultimately, though, Deebot saves me time by allowing me to do other things while the floor is being vacuumed. It comes with a 1 year warranty so if it breaks after 12 months, it costs $11.25 a month to use. Cheaper than hiring a housecleaner for one hour! I've had my Deebot for three years, so if your device lasts as long that's just $3.75/month!

There is a newer version of Deebot and perhaps it is smarter and less likely to get caught on cords or go in messes than the now antiquated Ecovacs Deebot N79 I own. I hope so!

Do you have a Deebot or a Roomba? Do you think it's worth buying? Let me know your experience with the device in the comments.

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