Monday, July 30, 2012

7 Ways to Keep Your Toms Shoes Smelling Fresh

  1. Clean your feet. Seriously. Make sure you dry them well before putting on your Toms too.
  2. Sprinkle baking soda into your Toms to absorb odors overnight. This might not be ideal for dark colored Toms, as it may make a mess.
  3. Stuff your Toms with a balled up sheet of newspaper to absorb odor.
  4. Wipe the inner soles of your Toms with rubbing alcohol on a cloth to kill the funk causing bacteria.
  5. Stuff your Toms with sachets of either funk cutting dried herbs like eucalyptus or peppermint or antibacterial cedar chips. A wrapped bar of Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap is also an option. (I won't tell anyone you put soap in your shoes.)
  6. Don't wear the same Toms two days in a row. Allow them to air out on the windowsill or porch between wears.
  7. If you don't mind looking like a tourist, wear clean cotton socks with your Toms. They'll suck up the sweat and funk.
  8. Bonus tip from reader: Put Zederna cedarwood insoles into your Toms and just wear them. They absorb sweat and cedar naturally protects against foot fungus. 
These practical tips should keep all types of shoes and sneakers from stinking.

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  1. I am going to apply these rules to all of my stinky shoes!

    ...Not that my shoes ever stink..

  2. Some good tipps... but what about special insoles made from cedarwood (e.g. zederna insoles)? It's considerably less complex than using sprays and cremes every day. You just put these antibacterial insoles in your TOMS and then just wearing them. It works pretty good for me.

    1. Ha! So funny you mention that because I saw those while researching for this post but didn't want to include them without knowing more about them. So glad to know they are legit and work. I vaguely remember them being sort of expensive. Are they?

  3. i am not happy at all. i spent lot of money for my toms and for toms for my friend. i neved had a same problem with stinky feets.
    i washed them many times,because i cant feel that smell and now i stop wear them because i feel so weird with stinky feets :(
    i am very dissapointed with this shoes!!!

  4. I never ever have had a smelly foot in my 23 years lol. And I'm a dancer so Im on my feet and wearing dance shoes all the time. Yet my toms make my feet REEK!! someone told me it's because the leather brings out the natural oils from your feet, causing it to smell. No bueno. Still love my toms tho :)

  5. Hey Chrissy. Yeah, there's something going on with Toms making people's feet smelly because this is THE most popular post on my blog. Hope these tips help!

  6. The wrapped soap works. I know of quite a few instances where that helped to remove the odor from shoes. A wrapped bar of soap can help keep closets smelling fresh too. I usually just put one near the bottom of the closet- a soap with a nice, strong smell of course.



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