Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gatsby the Cat needs a home

My client's very huge and very loveable cat needs a home. Bonus: He's dog-friendly!

Dear Humans,

My very sweet and snuggly and enormous and awesome cat, Gatsby, is looking for a home. He's beautiful and playful, he loves humans, dogs, and eating, and he is very, very good at cuddling. He can be a little ornery if he's left alone too much and/or gets too bored, but generally, he's a gentleman. He is looking for a home with a human or humans who will give him lots of love and snuggles. He loves dogs, and he may love cats, too, but I've never seen him with another cat. He's very tolerant of getting his nails clipped and he loves to be brushed. A photo is attached, and you can email me for more information.

Brooklyn, NY
 (Send me a text, email, or leave a comment here on my blog if you are interested and want Alex's contact info.)

Update 5/27/11: Gatsby found a new home! Hurray! 

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