Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Thankful Thursday Link Party #1

Share your gratitude at Thankful Thursday link party.

I've been keeping a gratitude journal for over 2 years and it's one of the most rewarding habits I've picked up. Having joy alone is awesome but experiencing it with other people is even better. To this end, I'm hosting a weekly Thankful Thursday Link Party. It's like an online community gratitude journal.

Please scroll below to join the party. You just need to click "Add your link" button. Since this is the first party, you have until the evening of Friday, April 26th to add your link.

I'll start!

Thank you!

This week I am supergrateful to Sonnet Lauberth at For the Love of Food for sharing how to sprout lentils. My lentil sprouts were such a healthy, inexpensive treat. I even brought some to a party where they were a hit!

Sending love and gratitude to Alisa Vitti, author of the new release WomanCode. As the founder of FLO Living, integrative nutritionist and hormone expert Alisa is my favorite resource for keeping my lady-parts happy. I'm making my way through WomanCode on my Kindle. I'm also following her 4-Week Cyclical Hormonal Health Plan which was featured on Dr. Oz. Thanks to the plan I tried sprouts and Genesis Bread last week. Not bad!

Thank you to Jessica at A Turn to Learn for sharing an awesome tutorial on how to host a linky party. I'm also grateful to Ginger at Ginger Snap Crafts for her post: How to Hold a Stress-free, Fun & Successful Link Party. Both were very useful to me!

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  1. i try to take a moment each day to be grateful for the little things...maybe i need to start writing them down (or posting) so i could have a gratitude list or writings to pull out on days when i could use a little boost. love the idea of this linkup.

    1. thanks! i hope you'll link up. i extended the length of the party until Fri 4/26 so more people can join while i spread the word.

  2. Replies
    1. thanks! keeping a gratitude journal seriously makes me realize how awesome my life is. i hope you'll join the link party. you have until Fri 4/26 to add your link. :-)

  3. Such a great idea! We all have so much to be thankful for and oftentimes take it for granted. I am going to pass the idea along to a few folks that I think could benefit from the practice!




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