Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Celebrating Earth Day with Sustain: Vegan, Non-toxic, Fair Trade Condoms [Review]

Sustain is the first sustainable, non-toxic, Fair Trade certified brand of condoms marketed to women. They're also vegan. Oh, and the company was co-founded by the founder of Seventh Generation and his daughter! 

I'm always excited to share cool new things with you guys so I was psyched when Sustain asked me to review their condoms. It's been a few years since my husband and I have used condoms but Sustain Ultra Thin didn't look or feel any different from the ones I remembered. Aside from not having that weird condom smell (you know what I'm talking about, right?) these are basically the same as every other ultra thin condom I've tried, which isn't bad. 

What I most appreciated about Sustain condoms is they don't have weird toxic chemicals in them. Hooray for getting my swerve on now without having to worry about getting my chemo on later! 

I also love Sustain's hip eco-feminist mission. To celebrate Earth Day, Sustain, has created a photo series and educational infographic illustrating the connection between safe sex, overpopulation and climate change. 

Co-founders Jeffrey Hollender, who revolutionized the eco-friendly household product industry with Seventh Generation, and his daughter Meika Hollender believe that safe sex and climate change go hand in hand, but many women lack access to the tools they need to practice safe sex and plan their families. Sustain created the below infographic to help connect the dots between these two critical issues. 

According to a recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), increased population is one of the two most important drivers of global climate change. Up to 30% of CO2 emissions could be reduced by slowing global population, which is growing at a rate of 78 million people per year, or 220,000 people per day, that is at least 9,000 more people every hour. However, most of these pregnancies are not planned.

There are currently 222 million women in developing countries who want to avoid pregnancy but lack access to contraception and reproductive health and family planning services. The Guttmacher Institute recently reported that in the U.S., where we consume a disproportionate share of the world’s resources, 51% of all pregnancies (or 3.4 million pregnancies annually) are unplanned. By age 45, more than half of all American women will have experienced an unintended pregnancy, a rate that is significantly higher than the rate in many other developed countries. Not only is this taking a toll on these women and their families, there are also devastating repercussions for the planet.

Sustain believes that universal access to contraception will help women plan their families, slow population growth, and reduce the burden on the environment by lowering greenhouse-gas emissions. This is why Sustain launched 10%4Women, in which they donate 10% of their profits to women's reproductive health organizations in the U.S., such as Planned Parenthood.

Check out: Have (safe) Sex. Save the World Part 1 & Part 2 on the Sustain blog to see all the infographics.

Try Sustain Condoms for yourself. Grab Sustain Ultra Thin 10 pack or a Sustain Variety Pack (3 each of Ultra Thin, Tailored Fit, and Comfort Fit) on Amazon. Lemme know what you think.

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