Saturday, March 19, 2011

Success! Fabulous Females Free Fashion Swap 3

This afternoon I threw my 3rd seasonal clothing swap at LaunchPad, an amazing arts & fun non-profit community center in Crown Heights. It was the most successful swap to date. Over two dozen women came to share smiles and exchange clothes with their neighbors. Shout out to the gals from Five Boroughs Clothing Swap who spread the word about the swap and sent many delightful delegates.

Hurray for an afternoon spent saving the planet, saving cash, and making new friends and outfits!

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Wondering what I'll do with all the clothes no one claimed? The remaining three huge bags of clothes will be donated to the local Goodwill, so the love keeps on spreading! Huge thanks to LaunchPad Mike for driving the stuff over.


  1. Great idea! Looks like a lot of fun. I only heard about this last minute, so dropped off some shoes but I didn't have time to stick around. I will definitely coming back for the next one!



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