Thursday, March 24, 2011

Green Guinea Pig: Vodka Armpits

According to today's Dr. Oz Show (please, don't judge me), both white vinegar and vodka fight underarm funk. White vinegar because of the germ blitzing acid and vodka because of the germ killing alcohol. I happen to have both in my cleaning toolkit so after shaving today I spritzed my freshly shaved armpits with hobo-grade 80 proof vodka. (Ouch!) I also applied Tom's deodorant to my right armpit once the vodka had dried. I'll report back with the results tomorrow.

More fun: Try eHow's DIY cheapo vegan deodorant spray with essential oils and eHow's DIY beeswax based antiperspirant bar.

Update: Day One, I was dry and neutral smelling all day. Amazing! Day 2, I experienced a lot of underarm wetness, per the usual, but I still smelled neutral.  Conclusion: This works! (At least it works if you just don't want to smell bad and don't mind sweaty pits.) 

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