Monday, May 14, 2012

What is your favorite green cleaning product?

I've heard from a few folks that green cleaning products haven't worked as well for them as conventional products. Sometimes the results were so discouraging and/or disastrous that the consumers went back to toxic products.

I've tried quite a few green duds myself, but I've also had great success with natural products. It's all about finding the right products, tools, and techniques for the job. This takes a bit of research, a willingness to fail and try again, and luck. A lot of people, understandably, don't have time for this.

Can you help make it easier for them to do the green thing? Please comment and tell us what is your #1 all-time favorite green cleaning product. Thanks scubberdoodle!

Olivia Lane is a Blogger, Green Living Educator, and Health Coach trained at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She's also author of Baking Soda & Bliss: The Healthy & Happy Guide to Green Cleaning 

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  1. I love plain white vinegar for so many tasks! It is really good for getting the smell out of pretty much anything, and the 'vinegar' scent evaporates quickly.
    Some examples:
    -- stinky athletic clothes
    -- anything mildewed
    -- smelly drains/disposals
    -- tupperware
    -- sponges

    Not that I ever have weird smells at my house. Also white vinegar has helped me get rid of the fruitflies that have never invaded my banana basket.

    1. Wow! I didn't know vinegar worked for fruit flies. Thanks for sharing the love and light of natural brilliant ideas :-)



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