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Vegan & Vegetarian Food in Cape May

I just spent three days in Cape May, NJ with my husband and his family. I almost didn't go because generally touristy seaside towns and healthy vegetarian food do not coexist. Usually the only food on the beach is of the deep fried and seafood variety. Also, #realtalk, I simply hate the beach. However, determined to both spend some quality time with my new family and not starve, I scouted out these vegan-friendly restaurants.

Empanada Mama's Cantina
This was my favorite place. We went here twice. The food was fresh and cheap ($5 for 3 tiny, tasty empanadas, $4 for a colorful red cabbage salad). It also had the most adorable kitschy decorations. There were vegan, vegetarian, and meaty empanadas making it a pleasing lunch for eaters of all stripes. I overheard that they make gluten-free empanadas too. Everything is super casual and served in take-away containers but you can eat inside or outside the restaurant
600 Park Blvd, West Cape May, NJ 08204 // (609) 972-3977 // Website // Empanada Mama on Yelp

Bliss Homemade Organic Ice Cream
Bliss makes all of their ice cream in their tiny oasis-like shop located in a touristy outdoor mall. I enjoyed their blueberry lavender coconut-based vegan ice cream. It was creamy and just sweet enough. While I was there, several smiling people left holding green smoothies.
326 Carpenter's Ln, Cape May, NJ 08204 //(609) 884-3350 // Website // Bliss on Yelp

Cape May Organic Market
This small market is a good place to buy groceries, including produce. The groceries are expensive, but there aren't any other options nearby and the owner is friendly so God bless 'em! I grabbed a delicious green juice called Crazy Horse and my husband got a yummy beety vegetable juice. We also picked up a container of homemade looking raw energy lemon pomegranate chunks. They were surprisingly scrumptious and perfect for nibbling on throughout the day.
120 Park Blvd, West Cape May, NJ 08204 // (609) 884-3200 // Website // Cape May Organic Market on Yelp

Bella Vida Garden Cafe
This is another place with good food for everyone all day. They open at 7:30am and have exciting vegan breakfast options like waffles, flapjacks, and scrambled tempeh. They also have vegan cheese and organic coffee. We went there twice; both times I got the AFBLT, a BLT made with avocado, smoky tempeh bacon, and Vegenaise on multigrain toast. So good!!!
406 N. Broadway, West Cape May, NJ // (609) 884-6332 // Website // Bella Vida on Yelp

The Mad Batter
This touristy, somewhat overpriced restaurant has food for everyone, including decent, fresh looking vegan options for lunch and dinner. I ate an entire margherita pizza with Daiya vegan cheese and a big side salad! I spied vegan white bean raviolli on the dinner menu. FYI: There's an Early Bird Special Sunday through Thursday nights. Buy 1 dinner entree and get 1 1/2 price from 5-5:30. You must mention this special when ordering. 
19 Jackson St, Cape May, NJ 08204 // 609-884-5970 // Website // Mad Batter on Yelp  

The Lobster House
I hate watching people eat lobsters so I can't believe I'm going to say this, but you almost have to go to this crowded tourist trap and if you go you must dine in. I was surprised to be entertained by the fancy old schoolness of it all. The waiters wear charming uniforms, the wood paneled interior is amazing, and the artwork... just go! I only ate an appetizer of *the best ever* onion rings covered in a highly seasoned fish fry like batter (I don't think the batter is vegan though) because I had to go leave early for a nearby sunset dolphin watching cruise (which you absolutely must do). However, I was impressed to see an entree sized platter of seasonal, local veggies on the menu. Also, there's booze, which might help you be less annoyed/grossed out by people digging flesh out of giant roach-like sea creatures.
Fisherman's Wharf, 906 Schellengers Landing Rd, Cape May, NJ 08204 // (609) 884-8296 // Website // The Lobster House on Yelp

Good Earth Organic Eatery
I never made it here but it's right next to Empanada Mama's. The menu looks healthy and heavenly. They serve vegan meals as well as seafood for your omni friends and family.
600 Park Boulevard, West Cape May, NJ 08204 // 609-898-6161 // Website // Good Earth on Yelp

Back Corner Cafe
I didn't go here but according to Yelp this place has vegan lunch options (pizza w vegan cheese, soups, etc).
3860 Bayshore Rd, Cape May, NJ 08204 //(609) 886-2323 // Back Corner Cafe on Yelp

Did I miss anything? Do you know anywhere else to get yummy vegan food in Cape May? 

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