Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Awesome Plastic Free Water Filter: Kishu Charcoal Review

I just got Kishu charcoal, the only completely plastic free water filter. It is fantastic!

Kishu is a sustainably harvested oak tree branch that has been transformed into activated charcoal by Japanese artisans using a centuries old method. Activated charcoal is what is inside of plastic water filter cartridges and makes them work. Kishu stick is like a naked Brita!

Simply drop Kishu into a pitcher of water. Immediately toxins like chlorine begin to bond with the activated charcoal stick, leaving your drinking water better tasting and healthier. (If you have serious water contamination concerns, you should probably test your water after using Kishu to make sure it's a safe option.)

Each Kishu stick filters water for four months. After that, the stick can have a second life as a deodorizer in your fridge, shoes (like stinky Toms), or garbage bin. You can also break it up and add to garden soil as bio char.

You can get your own kishu charcoal pitcher stick on Amazon for $14.

I really wanna get Kishu To Go soon. (It's also available on Amazon.) Kishu To Go is perfectly sized for water bottles so I can have cleaner water when I travel. I drank more than my fair share of sketchy water during trips this summer. I deserve an upgrade!

Hooray for Kishu! Hooray for yummier tap water! Hooray for less plastic in the world! If you're looking for more plastic-free options, join my email list and I'll send you a free copy of Please Don't Eat the Plastic: A Quick Guide to Detoxing Your Kitchen.

Learn more about Kishu filters and how they work at

Have you tried Kishu? What do you think of it?

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