Friday, March 2, 2012

Ban eating on the subways? You betcha!

I love listening to WNYC while I clean. Yesterday there was a discussion on the proposed ban of eating on the subways. Advocates for the ban say it will help reduce the rat population and thus improve conditions for MTA workers. Ban opponents say preventing people from eating on the subway would hurt lower class people and children who often only have time to eat on the subway during long commutes to school or work. (Some commuters feel it's an issue worth fighting over.)

I strongly support the ban. Of course, I'm in favor if it for the obvious reasons. It's not fair that I should to be assaulted with foul fumes of McDonald's french fries and take-away fried chicken wings. Parents take note: It's horrifying to see children dropping Cheerios on the platform and to watch the guardian also witness this but do nothing about it. Why not just hand the rats a bowl and some milk while you're at it!

I'm also in favor of the ban because subway dining represents a serious lack of self care. Eating on the subway is an unhealthy habit for so many reasons, but let's start with the unwashed hands, the mindless shoving of food (usually fast food) into the face, and the nervous energy caused by the agitated train car and commuters. This is no way to feed the soul or treat our bodies.

Let's try to love ourselves enough to be patient with our most basic need. Let's give ourselves an extra 10 or 15 minutes so that, even if we must eat take-away, we can take a seat-- maybe on a park bench if the restaurant doesn't have seating. Let's allow ourselves time to appreciate the food and all that went into it, to enjoy the act of eating, and perhaps to sit for a few breaths to aid digestion.

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  1. This is actually already against the law. I used to work for the agency that hears the violations issued. There are tons of laws that are broken everyday.

    1. Are you sure this is the current law? I've read and heard that there is a ban on open beverage containers, but nothing regarding food. A commenter on The Brian Lehrer show did point out that it's kind of confusing and unfair that one form of edible is permissible and another forbidden.



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