Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kris Carr Chats Toxic Chemicals and Body Burden with EWG

Head over to KrisCarr.com to see her chat with Heather White, Environmental Working Group's Executive Director about body burden and toxic chemicals in personal care, cosmetic, and cleaning products. I'm not embedding the video because I really want to encourage you check out Kris Carr's site and perhaps fall down a rabbit hole of awesome lifestyle shifts.

Kris Carr (image via The Chalkboard)
Kris Carr is one of the most contagiously enthusiastic women of wellness. In case you're not familiar with her, I'll brief you: Kris is a cancer survivor who healed herself with plant-based foods, herbs, and yoga. She shared her story in the documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer. She then wrote the New York Times bestseller Crazy Sexy Diet which launched her even further into popular culture. Now Kris Carr is an unstoppable brand with a new cookbook and a new website. She is amazing and I love her!

The Environmental Working Group is pretty fantastic too. EWG works to inform and educate consumers about the chemical ingredients lurk in everyday products. They also mobilize citizens to take action. This includes to lobby for the replacement the ancient and weak Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 (the only federal regulation of chemicals in industrial consumer products) with the Safe Chemicals Act of 2011.

Heather White shared some pretty scary stats and facts. Two points she raised that I find most compelling:
  • Toxic substances like PCPs and DDT that were banned 30 years ago have been discovered in newborn babies. Yikes! (And check this out: 232 chemicals found in the minority infants. #environmentalinjustice)
  • We can't shop our way out of this. Making personal consumer choices aren't enough to make these scary chemicals not our problem. We must demand federal regulations to get these chemicals out of the marketplace in order to protect the environment, ourselves, and future generations.

The video reminded me how important it is that I continue to advocate for the support of the Safe Chemicals Act, especially now that I live in a new state. What did you take away from the video or Kris' blog post?

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