Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Better Life Cleaning Products Review & Giveaway

Through the magic of Twitter I discovered Better Life, a company run by two dads who make natural cleaning products that boast "unmatched safety, unbeatable performance." I was superexcited about the product line because they are truly green: "GMO free, cruelty free, made in the USA, fragrance free, sulfate free and petroleum free." Good stuff! I also admire their fun, light spirit. Anyone who puts an image of someone reading on a toilet on their packaging knows the way to my heart!

So yeah, I kinda developed a crush on Better Life and asked if they'd send me some products for review. They did. Yippee!

Even the Kitchen Sink, what-EVER, & I Can See Clearly, Wow!

I Can See Clearly, WOW! (natural glass cleaner)
No one is allowed to touch the three mirrors in my house without feeling my wrath and I clean them weekly, so I can't say that they posed much of a challenge. Still, I was pleased with this product. Paired with newspaper, it dried fast and didn't leave any streaks. Good enough.

Even the Kitchen Sink (natural cleansing scrubber)
I'm not much of a soft scrub gal, I prefer powder cleansers, but I was curious about this product. Post-breakfast and lunch, my stainless steel kitchen sink was durty (yes, that's dirty with a "u" for extra nastiness) and this got it clean. It also rinsed fairly quickly and easily without leaving residue. I'll say this product lives up to its name.

Durty sink

Clean sink!

What most impressed me about Even the Kitchen Sink was its performance cleaning my grungy toilet bowl that has been stained since we moved into this old house. ETKS is viscous enough to shoot out of the bottle and into that treacherous area under the toilet bowl rim. Basically, I used it like a regular toilet cleaner and managed to get a good coating of the stuff on the stained area and have some slide down into the bowl. After I cleaned my entire bathroom, I brushed the heck out of the toilet and the stains were significantly reduced. I am keeping this stuff near my toilet from now on!  (I'm not including pictures of my toilet because that's just wrong. Sorry!)

what-EVER! (natural all purpose cleaner in Clary Sage & Citrus)

I love what-EVER!
This product is the money shot! For me, having a good all-purpose cleaner is key and what-EVER is amazing!

Stovetop before

Stovetop after, with barely any rubbing
Garbage cabinet floor before. Ugh!

Garbage cabinet floor after little effort. Ah!

Toaster with fingerprints.
Stainless steel toaster getting it's shine on!
  • what-EVER doesn't leave any reside. None! My tile countertops, my appliances (stainless steel and plastic), my stovetop-- everything is shining!!!!! 
  • what-EVER cleaned my grody stovetop which was covered with oil, tomato sauce, and oatmeal that boiled over.
  • what-EVER cleaned the stainless steel kettle that was on said stovetop and pretty much covered with the same things except more of it. (I only clean the poor thing about once a week and it's always on my stovetop.)
  • what-EVER cleaned under my sink where I store my garbage bin so it cleaned up all the stuff that's missed the garbage since I last cleaned under there (whenever that was).
  • what-EVER was wonderful in the bathroom too!
  • what-EVER smells great gently and naturally thanks to plant essential oils, instead of knocking you over the head with faux fragrance. It's also available scent-free.
I basically spent most of my afternoon cleaning because it was so fun and easy to use. Also because I was looking for something dirty enough to stump it. I never found anything. It truly surpassed my expectations. what-EVER is the best all-purpose cleaner I've ever used, store-bought or homemade, hands-down!

In summary, all three of the products were easy to use and cleaned the surfaces they promised to clean without any bad stuff or much elbow-grease. The bottles were easy to handle. I was also impressed that the products arrived with minimal packaging. Just product bottles, two spray nozzles, and two balled up wads of paper to keep things from shifting around. Very eco-friendly! I totally plan buy a few bottles of what-EVER and try Simply Floored natural floor cleaner too. I'll let you know what I think of it! (Update: Simply Floored is awesome and super convenient to just squirt and wipe with a damp microfiber mop.)

So you want some too, right? Okay! Better Life wants to send the same products I tried to one of my readers. Woo hoo! Feeling lucky? Enter the giveaway!

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Olivia Lane is a Blogger, Green Living Educator, and Health Coach trained at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She's also author of Baking Soda & Bliss: The Healthy & Happy Guide to Green Cleaning 

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  1. I am having been looking for better green cleaning products. I am so excied to try these, especialy on my sink and stove!

  2. Great review! I haven't been entirely satisfied with my recent Cleaning products. Some aren't green/kind enough and others just don't work that well. Can;t wait ot try these on my sink and stove!

  3. Our stove is gross. I'd clean that!!

  4. Olivia, you are a girl after my own heart; I just spent a glorious weekend cleaning (and caulking and spackling).

    I will use these items clean everything, but I'm especially anxious to try it on my once-white screen door- which is looking pretty darn grim.

    Question- are all of these products vegan and not tested on animals?

    1. Hey Abby! Yes, these products are plant-based (no animal ingredients) and the company doesn't test any of its products on critters. They're all about keeping everyone safe!

  5. our stove is in serious need of help :)

  6. I would clean my terribly crusted cooking range!!



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