Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Green Winter Visit to NYC: Part 1

I am having the best time being a tourist in NYC even though I''ve lived here my entire life (until just 7 months ago). Here are some of the greener things I've done over the last few days:

I bought an Afro wig! It's acrylic, not so green, but a cute indulgence!
Pure Yoga: You don't need to be a member to visit Pure Yoga. You can take a workshop. I came to the Upper West Side location for JourneyDance class with the founder. I stayed for a little chillout on the comfy couches and in the steam room. Afterward I ate at Peacefood Cafe (all vegan) for the first time. It was okay, but next time I'll stick to my favorite local spot: Josie's. It's not all veg, but they have lots of tasty, hearty, and organic vegan fare.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts at MOB

Maimonide of Brooklyn (MOB): Interesting vegan deliciousness, that manages to dodge being crunchy, served in a clean, hip, and friendly environment. Brunch on weekends. Read more about them on their website or on Yelp.

Oh My Heavenly Hair Red Room Luxe Salon & Store: On my way to MOB, I was drawn to this natural hair salon that also sells their own line of herbal vegan hair and skin care products. The owner Debra was radiant, friendly, and forthcoming with tons of knowledge. I'll share an interview with her here soon! I also purchased some goodies for my mom, so I'll have her report back with a review here on the blog too.

Century 21:  If you don't mind getting fist and elbows with tourist, you can find some deeply discounted good stuff here. I spotted a rack of vegan handbags by Urban Expressions. I bought an awesome teal purse for $44 (the SRP was $70). I also saw lots of bamboo kitchen utensils, bamboo socks, organic cotton basics. Fun! I go to the financial district location, but other locations can be found on their website.

Champs: I met a friend for brunch at this bakery/ diner that manages to be popular despite the dirty bathroom and long waits. Once I ate my Buenos Dia Salad (flavorful tofu scramble, smoky tempeh, avocado, tomatoes, creamy chipotle dressing served on a plush bed of greens), I understood what all the fuss was about. Check 'em out on Yelp.

Sustainable NYC: I used to work at this shop that sells "eco-friendly versions of everyday products and gifts" so it's not really new-to-me, but it's totally worth mentioning. They've got everything from cards handmade by African lady artisan cooperatives to espresso drinks made with fair trade coffee roasted in Brooklyn. When I visited, I bought some awesome ecojot notebooks and econuts soap nuts and ate a yummy bowl of lemon chickpea soup. (Can't make it to NYC? You can buy gifts online at their website too.)

Discovered a new use for coconut oil: I shaved my legs with coconut oil for the first time and OMG! My legs are so smooth, even though I used a cheapo bic razor. I will never buy shaving cream again! During this trip, I've used coconut oil as: mouthwash (via oil pulling), body lotion, hand cream, conditioner, and shaving cream. Hooray for not needing to pack tons of personal care goodies! (Check out more uses of coconut oil here.)

Walking: I have done lots and lots of walking in the cold. I am sure I've lost 5 pounds in just 5 days. Walking is so superhealthy!
What have you been up to this week? What's green to do in your city? 

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  1. Re: coconut oil as shaving cream---that's brilliant! I'm totally going to try it tomorrow. The air has been so dry this winter, my skin feels like the Sahara.

    1. Coconut oil is *the best* thing to ever happen to shaving! Ha ha! I've been using Kiss My Face shave cream for years and never even thought about switching until I tried this. And I take my leg shaving very seriously. I actually went on eBay and bought a 10 year supply of my favorite razor (Gillete Sensor Excel for Women) that was discontinued.

    2. I should add that that that's why I don't travel with it. I'm so afraid of losing the main razor/ non-cartridge part!



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