Monday, January 14, 2013

How to Organize IKEA Hardware & Instructions

Hooray! Our new dining table and chairs just arrived. No more eating on the couch bent over a little coffee table. We're classing it up in 2013!

In case you are planning to buy, or recently purchased, furniture that requires assembly using weird bits and tools, I've got two tips that will help you keep things organized.

Save the weird tools and keys.
Put the tools in a sandwich baggie, jar, or other sealed container and label them. Store this with the rest of your tools.

Save the assembly instructions.
I store mine in a box with other manuals. It's true a lot of manuals are available online, but what if you move into a place before the WiFi is set up? What if searching the internet for your exact model makes your head explode? Always think ahead!
If it makes sense for you, save the bits in the box along with the manual. You can pack them all together in one big ol' smug freezer baggie of preparedness.

Bonus tip for later!
When disassembling a bookcase for a move, save all the shelf nubbins (that's the scientific name for the metal pegs that hold the shelves in place) in a ziplock baggie and use packing tape to stick it to the case unit. The nubbins will be supereasy to find when you are setting up the bookcase in your new digs.
If you loose any keys or bits, you can contact IKEA customer service for help getting a replacement, but why not avoid the drama.

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