Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Save the Planet with Recycled Gold!

Most of us know about "blood diamonds" but did you know the gold band that the diamond is set in might not be too politically correct either?

"The Best Way to Save the Planet from Gold Mining" on ethical jeweler Brilliant Earth's blog highlights the environmental price of being blinged out.

[G]old mining is extremely bad for the environment. Modern gold mining methods generate about 20 tons of toxic waste for every gold ring. Gold mining pollutes the air and water with toxic substances like cyanide and mercury. The leading cause of mercury pollution today, ahead of even coal-fired power plants, is gold mining. And it’s partly because of gold mining that the Amazon rainforest is being destroyed and that mercury levels in fish are so high.
Blogger Gregg Krauss suggests we simply stop mining for gold and start re-using the gold we already have.

In 2012, if the world had re-used or recycled less than 3 percent of existing gold supplies, it could have satisfied 100 percent of global demand. And by recycling about 5 percent of gold jewelry, all the world’s gold needs could have been met last year.
Recycling gold seems like a no-brainer to me. I mean, we are required by law to recycle plastic bottles, which, unlike gold, degrade in value with each recycling. Also, these days you can make some serious cash by recycling grandma's gaudy gold.

I wanna popularize the phrase "Cash-4-Gold: Not just for hood rats anymore!" How cool would that look on a reuseble grocery tote bag?!

Seriously, I'm totally inspired to get rid of the gold name ring I've been hoarding since 1993, a.k.a. my Wanna-Be-Gangsta-B**ch phase, when it would have been cool had my name actually been spelled correctly. (#TrueStory: My mom spells my nickname at least 3 different ways!) Maybe I'll have it melted down into my future wedding band. *Cough*

I'm a fan of vintage jewelry, but if I had to buy something new I totally love the idea of recycled gold. Would you wear recycled jewelry?

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  1. Olivia~ I had no idea.....but it doesn't surprise me either. Thanks for sharing! After I watched Blood Diamond years ago I decided no diamonds for me! I know it was all "Hollywood" but it woke me up! I wear mostly my Grandmother's jewelry and would recycled pieces.

    1. Yeah, I had no idea either until I read that blog post. Maybe the gold industry will have its "Blood Diamonds" movie someday.



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