Friday, November 1, 2013

How to Keep Headphones Neat & Untangled - VIDEO

I've decided November is all about making my life less complicated and more organized. To this end, I have two things to share:

Firstly, I am now posting my blog related videos on my personal YouTube channel along with my nerdy home movies. Starting now all my videos will be shared there. It just makes sense for me to use one account instead of wasting time logging in and out of different profiles. (Don't worry, I won't remove any videos from the Olivia Cleans Green channel. I just won't be adding any content there going forward.)

Secondly, I posted a new video: How to Keep Headphones Neat & Untangled. No more pulling your headphones from your purse in a jumbled mess! You can also use this wrap for the USB cord.

What choices have you made lately to simplify your life?

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