Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hot Pink, Hot Dog & Hot Phone Bill Savings!

It's not Wednesday anymore but I still wanna share what I wore yesterday with you. It's been pretty cold here so no more outdoor photos. Welcome to my living room!

I'm wearing a sweater with a run in it that I "fixed" last year by stitching a patch of felt behind the hole. (Still strong and even hipper now!) And the hat and boots I will not remove until March.

We have a special guest at my house this month: Meet my mom's dog, Cocoa! She's staying here until my mom feels better. We're happy to have her. (Ok, maybe not our cat Lucy.)

Hat: Handmade by Nirvana Designs in Nepal via Exit 9 // Hair: chunky two strand twists, which used to be more of a pre-style for me, a prelude to a twist out or smaller twists. Lately, I'm starting to love wearing my hair like this all week. // Earrings: "Mali" by Laurel Burch // Sweater: Express // Tee: H & M // Skirt: Silence + Noise // Leggings: F21 // Boots: DSW

In other news, my Verizon smart phone contract ends tomorrow so I signed up for Skype. For $7 a month I have a phone number people can reach me at when I'm online or connected to WiFi or leave a voicemail for me when I'm offline. I can also make unlimited calls to US & Canada.

It will be a little weird to not have a cell phone for the first time in twelve years. Still, I'll be able to use my iPhone as an iPod. I even downloaded the Skype app so I can make calls from it when I'm connected to WiFi.

Of course, I can always go back to a cell phone if I need too. Today Verizon offered me a better contract for a monthly plan of $60 that actually had unlimited minutes. (Funny how they only offer it when you call to end service!)

This isn't a dig on Verizon. I've always found the service to be extremely reliable. I had reception even when I was hiking in the Rockies! I also really enjoy their customer service reps. They are very warm, friendly, and helpful.

The savings and the value is what compelled me to make the switch. Now I have unlimited calls vs the 450 minutes I had on my cell phone plan. I'm most excited about saving $103 every month. More money for organic veggies, self-care treats, investing in my health coaching business, student loan payments, and donations to charity! Woo hoo! I'm hoping this works out!

I'm not endorsing Skype or paid to write this. It could suck for all I know. It's only been a few hours since I started using it. If you wanna know how it works out for me, ask me in a month. Maybe I'll write a blog post about life without a cell phone too.

Are you cell phone independent? If so, what's it like for you? If not, can you imagine living without a cell phone? If you're interested in trying it out, you can find handy instructions here: How to Use Skype for Home Phone Service.

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  1. That is a big saving!! 1200$ annually can do lot. Good for you! Stopping by from pleated poppy link up..

  2. I can't imagine yet living without a phone--I always have the "If I'm driving somewhere alone, I want to make sure I can get a hold of someone if necessary!" idea. (And I have had to use my phone to call tow trucks on 3 occasions...) Although, there were many many years before cell phones, so I'm sure it would be okay not to have one! We have a very basic family plan which works out to $25 per person per month, so I know that's not bad, but $7 is a lot better!

  3. $25 per person isn't too shabby either! I hear you on the emergency factor. I've got crowd immunity as my boyfriend and pretty much everyone else I know has a cell phone.

  4. i didn't even look at it that way. Yeah in one year, that's a lot of money!

  5. Looking good. Stay warm! Hope your mom gets well soon....



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