Thursday, July 31, 2014

Turn Your Sugar Cravings into a Life Transforming Experience

Cravings are awesome because they aren't about bullshit. They are raw and real. A sugar craving can offer you so much information about how you're really feeling underneath all the "I'm fine" or "Everything's okay."

Next time you get a sugar craving, a chocolate craving, or a craving for anything that doesn't support your health and life goals, ask the craving some questions. It will tell you the truth if you listen without judgement. Here are some questions I ask my cravings.
  1. Does my business/professional life feel abundant right now?
  2. Am I sexually fulfilled and feeling at ease with my romantic relationship status?
  3. Am I surrounding myself with friends that contribute to my happiness and growth?
  4. Am I creating and participating in experiences that excite and stimulate me?
  5. Am I not doing something I feel I should be doing?
  6. Am I doing something I feel I shouldn't be doing?
  7. Is there an issue that needs attention?
  8. Is there a question that needs to be answered?
  9. Is there something I should be doing differently or perceiving differently to feel fulfilled?
  10. Do I feel like a match for the growth happening in my life and business right now?
And the best question... What does my spirit want? 

Honestly, if you only ask your sugar cravings one question it should be that: What does my spirit want? And yes, asking yourself that question repeatedly to go deeper gets you bonus points. 

Cravings aren't shallow desires for crap you know you shouldn't be eating. You are not stupid. You are not weak. 

Every choice you make serves you in some way. It may serve to prove a story or belief about yourself and the world. It may make you feel safe, happy, disconnected, sad, or whatever way you want to feel. 

The key to "controlling cravings" isn't to control them at all. It's to give them a friendly welcome and say "Hey you! What's up?" If you don't bury and shame your cravings, you can learn about and unleash your desires in a way that leaves you feeling radiant, abundant, and fulfilled on a level that nourishes your soul. This can be seriously life transforming!

Ask yourself these questions the next time you get an "uncontrollable" sugar craving. Instead of noshing on a pastry or chocolate bar, you'll have the opportunity to give yourself something meaningful that will add lasting sweetness to your life. Lemme know what you discover.

Olivia Lane is a Blogger, Green Living Educator, and Health Coach trained at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She's also author of Baking Soda & Bliss: The Healthy & Happy Guide to Green Cleaning.   

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  1. So powerful! Peter and I both loved your newsletter this month. I just had to come over and read more:) Oh man cravings, you speaking my language! For me they turn up when I need a break from work, I think "I must be hungry I am feeling drained but really it's I need to move my body and get off the computer"...ya know? Great post!

  2. thanks Sarah. tell peter I say thanks too :-) I hear you! feeling drained can really bring on the faux hunger. thanks for chiming in. Hugs!!!!



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