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Sustain Vegan, Natural, Eco-friendly Lubricant Review + Giveaway

If you're seeking vegan, nontoxic lube to use with your equally vegan eco-friendly and chemical-free vegan condoms look no further than Sustain's new organic lubricant.

Sustain, the first sustainable, non-toxic, Fair Trade Certified brand of condoms in the U.S. just launched a line of organic personal lubricant. Sustain’s lubricant consists of a long-lasting, premium, mess-free formula, free of harsh and potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens, glycerin, petroleum and propylene glycol.

Sustain water-based lubricant is certified 95% organic and 100% vegan, gluten-free, latex and polyisoprene (i.e., non-latex) compatible, free of silicone and dyes and not tested on animals. Yay!

I was delighted to find a box containing both lavender and unscented Sustain lubricant in my mailbox last week. I was even more delighted to give it a try. :-)

(Keep reading to see what I think of it and to enter my giveaway.)

I am kind of annoyed and confused that the tube of lubricant comes in a cardboard box. To Sustain's credit, it is a very attractively designed and clever box-- slim at the top with a wider base so it uses less paper. Still, I expect more from a product created by the founder of Seventh Generation and his daughter. I hope they'll consider dropping the box in the future and find another way to educate consumers of those product benefits that don't fit on the tube. Perhaps a QR code would do the trick.

Packaging aside, my husband and I both find Sustain lubricant quite lovable. The consistency isn't runny. The aloe-based lubricant is actually somewhat firm, but very silky to the touch. The tube's flip top is easy to open and makes it easy to control the release of lube. The lavender taste and smell is mild, but pleasant and natural. In my opinion, the lubricant absorbs fairly quickly compared to conventional lube, but I find that to be the case with all natural lubes. It'd be more concerning and unnatural if it just stayed on top of your skin like a plastic-y sheath. The 2.5 oz tube itself is small enough to be discrete, making it perfect for travel or casually springing a sexy time onto your partner. 

I love the simple ingredients: organic aloe vera leaf juice, xanthan gum (commonly used food thickener found in stuff like vegan ice cream), agar (made from algae & seaweed), potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate (food grade preservatives), lactic acid, and organic natural flavors. I appreciate that they're edible. Not that I'd sit down and snack on a tube of lube while watching Broad City (my new favorite show btw), but it's nice to know that the stuff going in my cha-cha (and getting absorbed into my body) is safe. As a rule of thumb, I never put anything in or on my body that I wouldn't put in my mouth.

Sustain lubricant maintains the natural pH of vajayjays so it has all kinds of health advantages over the run-of-the-mill lube you'll find in your drug store. One big thing is using it reduces risk of getting Bacterial Vagnosis (BV) than if you used a brand with synthetic ingredients or glycerin. Women who have BV are 60% more likely to contract an STI. They are also 3x more likely to infect their partners. Yikes! Read more details on the Sustain website. (I promise it's actually interesting!)

Wanna try Sustain lubricant yourself? You can purchase it on Amazon. The natural lubricant is the perfect partner for Sustain vegan condoms so be sure to pick up those too. Read my review of Sustain condoms here.

Another way to try Sustain lubricant is to enter my giveaway of one tube of unscented lubricant. The winner will be announced via my weekly wellness newsletter by July 31, 2015. Subscribe here and read my emails so you don't miss the announcement of the winner.

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