Thursday, February 3, 2011

Going Grandma, Day Two: Evening Bath & Dessert Prunes

Yesterday was the second day of Going Grandma. It wasn't anywhere near as exciting as the inaugural day, but it did cause a minor fun change in my routine.

Instead of taking a shower this morning, I took a bath last night. I'm not sure if this is an official old-lady thing, but my great-grandmother Momma sure preferred an relaxing evening bath to a hurried morning shower. She claimed it was best to take a bath at night and let your body warm up overnight than to chill your body with a shower and rush out the house, thus putting yourself at risk for catching a cold. I'm not sure how much of that is an old-wives' tale vs scientific fact, but I don't argue with old wives' tales that implore me to have fun! Having some time alone with my thoughts, a Way-Out-Wax eucalyptus scented candle, and Lee-Lai Herbal Bathing Tea (Get Well Soon) was such a treat! I think I slept more soundly as a result too.

Before bathing and after dinner, I enjoyed some prunes for dessert. Prunes are one of my favorite ways to get my daily requirement of fruit but I rarely eat them because I hate the toots. Fortunately, eating them after dinner meant I was able to sleep through all the, er, music.

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