Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Going Grandma, Days 3 through 8: Socks, Soaks, and Naps

For Day Three of Going Grandma, I darned every holey sock I own--all 3 of them!-- using embroidery thread and the aid of a potato. It feels good to know I can now whip off my shoes at a friend's house without fear of one of my gross toes making a surprise appearance. Since old ladies love their cats, I also tried to cradle cranky little Lucy in my arms for five minutes. Yikes! Next time I'm just going to donate $5 to the Humane Society of NY or something.

Days Four through Seven of Going Grandma, things took a morbid twist. I was so so so so sick. I went from being that cool grandma who is living the dream retirement to being the the sickly little grandma in a nursing home. I took lots of soaks in Epsom salts & eucalyptus oil. (I mixed it myself: 15 drops essential oil + 1 cup drug store salt = 1 decent bath.)  I also took lots of naps and put myself to sleep by contemplating when "my time" would come. Seriously, I felt like I would DIE before I ever got better because by Day 4, I had already been sick with the same damned cold for over a week and things were only getting worse.

Today is Day Eight of Going Grandma. I finally started to feel better today, but I kept my appointment with my doctor. I did not have the energy or the nerve to get dressed up to go, as my Momma would have done and like lot of the old ladies I saw in the waiting room. I was so happy to be outside and not feel awful, I walked home from the clinic. It was a pretty good walk-- 2 train stops plus some. Walking is an old-school exercise that's good for your pockets, your mind, and your butt!

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  1. How do you darn a sock, exactly? What if it's a big ole hole on the very bottom of the sock--won't stepping on the stitches be kind of like having some very tiny rocks in your shoe? Help me Granny!

  2. P.S. What does a potato have to do with it?



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