Sunday, February 27, 2011

I stopped n swapped then I met a son of a farmer.

I went to the Stop N Swap in Fort Greene today. The swap was full of the busy energy of workers organizing incoming goodies and swappers of all ages and genders doing some intense digging. Also present was a lovely joy people seemed to take equally in sharing with others and finding fun things for themselves. I discovered this amazingly creepy, quirky handmade wooden and cloth monkey doll. It was a such jewel! I wonder where it came from and who took it home.

Later, I went to the Brooklyn Public Library for a reading and Q&A session with Eric Herm, author of Son of a Farmer, Child of the Earth. Herm is a fourth generation farmer from Texas who is in the process of going organic on the huge areas of land he farms with his father. Apparently the transition is a long, hard, and expensive one, but one Herm views as imperative for the future of the planet. Herm also emphasized the urgent need to move away from the model of shipping in our food from afar, suggesting we rely more on local food production as oil becomes more expensive and more difficult to obtain. Herm was quick to point out that lots of inspiring things are happening here in Brooklyn: the food coop, the Greenmarket, and all the rooftop farms. He encouraged us all to start growing on what little land we have-- be it a few inches of soil surrounding a tree or even a box on our windowsill.

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