Thursday, August 16, 2012

4 Tips for Packing for Trips

Alchemy Goods Toiletry Bag is made from repurposed truck tire inner tube.
Always keep a stocked toiletry bag!
Today, compose a list of each product and tool you use to get ready to go out and to prep for bed.

Next time you are in a drug or beauty supply store to buy enough trail size containers of those things. Alternately, you can save money by buying empty small 3oz bottles, jars, and spray bottles that you can refill yourself.  (I've bought great ones at both Whole Foods and Bed Bath and Beyond.) Just remember to label the bottles! Buy an extra toothbrush, spool of dental floss, razor, nail clipper, contact lens case, and other tools while you are there too.

Place everything in a waterproof toiletry bag. I love the Alchemy Goods Recycled Truck Inner Tub Toiletry Bag, but if you're on a budget a freezer bag will do. Keep that bag in your suitcase forever! When you return from a trip, just refill the bottles during your unpacking process and shove 'em back in the bag.

The awesome Do-It-All Planner 2013 (August 2012-December 2013).
Pack with your agenda in mind and in front of you. 
Look at your scheduled events. If you don't have a schedule, look at the type of activities the place you are going offers and consider what you might be interested in doing. Pull out what you need for each activity. Spread clothes, accessories, notebooks, crayons, etc. on a bed or table so you have a visual of everything you need for every activity. This would also be a good time to fill a pill box with vitamins and medication. Don't put anything into your bag or suitcase until you've finished doing this.

These beautiful fair-trade jewelry bags are perfect for travel and made from repurposed saris.
Once I was in a rush and didn't do this. I just packed the kind of clothes I normally wear- dresses and leggings. Had I spared myself a single minute to think about it, I would have realized this was not ideal attire for a yoga retreat and spared myself a $30 t-shirt purchase from the Kripalu gift shop. Ouch!

Don't wait until the day you are leaving to pack.
If it's possible, pack at least the night before you leave. You'll be less edgy and sleep better knowing things like that are taken care of. Packing the same day usually results in poor judgement, like not packing gym clothes for a yoga retreat.

Yummy smelling EO hand sanitizer made with organic lavender essential oil.
Always pack hand sanitizer and two snack bars. 
Put them in your carry on. When you need them, you'll be happy you did.

Do you have any other packing tips?

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