Saturday, August 18, 2012

Home for the Weekend: DIY Painted Spoons, Gravel & Gold, and Grocery Shopping Made Easy

A list of awesome green home and lifestyle related things that I discovered earlier this week. Let me know if you like them too!

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I crossed paths with The Land of Nod catalog for the first time last weekend while I was cat sitting. It's full of adorable kid's furniture, bedding, storage, and decor. Their bright, happy, and cute print collection makes me so excited I get a little nauseous! Aside from selling really cute things, they have a blog of cute DIY projects. I think this easy painted wooden spoon one looks really fun. (To protect my health, I'd skip the shellac- which is toxic while wet, seal with Mod Podge, and use exclusively for decoration.)

I wanna go!
I'm totally crushing on Gravel & Gold shop in San Francisco.  Here's how they describe their store: "We sell useful goods from stand-up makers—hand-picked vintage and new things to wear, to adorn, to hear, to read & write, to furnish, and to love up. We like to know where our things come from and to directly support the people who create them." I have to visit next time I'm in SF and take a class. Their past events look so fun!

It's time for real talk: Not everyone can always afford to buy everything organic. But how do you decide where to splurge and where to save? Check out the Environmental Working Group's Shoppers 2012 Guide to Pesticides. It will show you which foods to always buy organic (Dirty Dozen) and which ones are usually safe in conventional form (Clean 15). They even have an app!

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