Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to Recycle Plastics at the Park Slope Food Coop

NYC's curbside recycling program only accepts plastic jugs and bottles. The rule is the opening must be smaller than the base for a plastic container to be acceptable. This means you've got to find something else to do with all your take-away food containers and yogurt containers.

Recycling collection at the Park Slope Food Coop

One place to take your plastic is the Park Slope Food Coop in Brooklyn. Did you know anyone can recycle plastic through the Park Slope Food Coop? Yep! You don't have to be a member. You don't have to live in Park Slope. You don't have to wear clogs. You've just got to follow the rules.

Save clear #1 and #6. This usually includes containers coffee shops serve iced coffee in, condiment containers, and berry containers. 

Save all #5 tubs, cups, and lids. This is usually yogurt, hummus, and take out containers. Be sure to peel or cut off labels.

Brooklynites eat so much yogurt!
The coop also accepts clear film and bubble wrap.This includes the film that seals hummus containers and clear produce bags.

Save yourself time, energy, and a scolding by inspecting your plastics before you arrive. Make sure everything is clean and dry. Make sure the plastic has a number on it.They won't accept plastic without numbers!

Show up on time and at least 15 minutes before the end of plastic collection hours.

We're all in this together, so don't mess up and put anything in the wrong bag!
Put the plastics in the right bag at the collection site.

Check the Park Slope Food Coop website for updated rules and policies. The rules seem like a lot, but it's really quite easy to follow them. When we lived in Brooklyn, contributing my plastic waste for recycling was a fun thing to do after visiting the Saturday Greenmarket on Grand Army Plaza and before having brunch at Alchemy. We just fit it into our lives.

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