Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Fun Way to Deal with Stains

I discovered a mysterious stain on my shirt after removing it from the laundry. I figured the window of opportunity to tackle it had closed by that point, so I decided to embrace it instead.

I embroidered around the stain! I did it freehand, figuring some sort of pattern would emerge and suggest a direction to go in. Soon I noticed the stain had a really cool pear shape, so I added a stem. Done!

The hue and shape of the stain worked for me in this case. Of course, if you don't like your stain, you could totally embroider over it. Embroidering is supereasy and inexpensive. All you need is craft or embroidery thread, a needle, and a hoop. There are helpful tutorials at Sublime Stitching.

If you'd rather not go down any path that requires picking up needle and thread, you can always cover your stain with an iron-on patch. Just make sure the fabric you're working with can be ironed. I love Laurel Burch, so I was superexcited to discover these appliques handmade with Laurel Burch's Fanciful Felines fabric.

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