Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tips for Saving Money and Energy on Appliances

My nerd love of the Live Well Network was strengthen this weekend when Deals program showed viewers how to save money and energy by performing simple cleaning maintenance on appliances.

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Repairman Gary Mayfield of Mr. Appliance suggests folks:
  • clean refrigerator coils and door seals annually
  • clean dishwasher strainer after every few loads
  • keep stove top burners clean
  • clean detergent tray of washer occasionally. (He also suggests using high speed spin and cold water when doing laundry.)
Watch the video segment on their website for more tips. 

While I want extra housework as much as I want another hole in my head, I'm so grateful for these tips! I don't think I've ever cleaned the detergent tray of my washer. (I don't actually use it, but the previous tenants might have.) Also my dishwasher could use some TLC. I can't even begin to imagine the build-up situation in there. In fact, I've been actively resisting imagining it. I think tackling that task will require a motivational shot of whiskey!

Do you have any appliance wisdom to share?

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