Tuesday, November 6, 2012

22 Ways to Create Abundance at Home

Last November, in celebration of Thanksgiving, I shared 24 suggested activities for creating domestic abundance. Abundance being New-Age lingo for "more awesomeness." In case you missed them, here are links to the less time-and-location-sensitive ones:

Lately, nothing makes me feel more abundant than making art with a community! This year, I signed up for November is Art Every Day Month challenge. One of my personal goals is to make holiday gifts and decorations, but who knows what else I will create. (Add "itsolivialane" as a contact on Flickr to see what I'm up to.) I'm super excited to share my creativity and enjoy the creativity of others.

How do you create domestic abundance?

Olivia Lane is a Blogger, Green Living Educator, and Health Coach trained at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She's also author of Baking Soda & Bliss: The Healthy & Happy Guide to Green Cleaning 

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  1. I created a drawing with my 3 yr old cousin. Cost: Poster board, 2 for $1 at Dollar Tree. Crayons already had. Experience: Priceless :)

  2. And I love your little mouse drawing. :)

    1. Thanks for your comment Nicole! That's such a sweet idea for abundance. I wish I had a wee person to draw with. <3



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