Thursday, July 11, 2013

Turn Any Mason Jar into To-Go Cup with EcoJarz!

EcoJarz describes themselves as "a smart and simple way to turn a canning jar into a to-go cup." I totally agree! EcoJarz produces non-toxic BPA-free, phthalate-free lids and straws that fit on mason jars. Thus making it easy to reuse the glass jars that are ubiquitous in every hipster and foodie kitchen cabinet as an eco-friendly and healthy alternative to disposable cups.

Enjoying hot chai in the park with EcoJarz lid and the Chug-a-Lug mason jar cozy.
EcoJarz was kind enough to send me four complimentary products to try out: two stainless steel sippy lids (in regular and wide-mouth size) as well as two stainless steel straws- including one made specially for sipping smoothies.

I think the true test of a carry-out lid is how easy it is to both drink from and to carry the container while walking without splashing beverage on yourself. EcoJarz lids have a raised mouth opening that is moderate enough to make both tasks manageable.

I'm not a straw person. I think they're generally kinda gross and wasteful. That said, I found using Ecojarz stainless steel straws surprisingly pleasant. They didn't affect the taste of my drinks and the mouthfeel wasn't icky, two things I always find troublesome about plastic straws. (Well, that and getting a little faux estrogen with my iced tea!) 

EcoJarz products are a great conversation piece. They present a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness about chemicals in plastics without seeming like a pushy weirdo. People just asked me because I'm a hip lady carrying a cool and unusual cup and a straw that looks like it came from the future.

Also awesome: You can clean the straws and lids in the dishwasher. Yay! They sell inexpensive reusable straw cleaners for hand washing too.

I'd love for you to have a lid and straw from EcoJarz too! I've partnered with them to host a giveaway. Good luck!

Update: The contest is over but you can grab EcoJarz products on Amazon.

Meanwhile, connect with EcoJarz on social media. They're a young woman-owned, small company based in Denver, CO and Ithaca, NY: //  on Twitter // on Facebook // on Pinterest

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  1. So cool! I have seen lids sold in my very hipster town, but not stainless steel.

    1. Yeah, these are the first I've seen that aren't plastic. They make cool green silicone lids too.

  2. This is a brilliant concept! Glad you shared.

    Sue xo

    1. Glad you're interested. I thought they were pretty neat too.

  3. What an incredible idea-love it!



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