Tuesday, July 9, 2013

8 Ways to Save Money on Green Cleaning

Many people believe that eco-friendly cleaning is more expensive than conventional cleaning. We've all seen the crazy markups that seem to magically appear on items once a green label is slapped on them, but there are also lots of deals and savings available too.

  1. Stop using Swiffer Sweepers and Mops. Pass on Swiffer Dusters too. Instead of spending $10 a month on paper towels and disposable mops and dusters, invest $60 or so in a set of washable microfiber mops and cloths that will last years instead. I've got lots of cleaning tools listed in my Amazon shop, but you can also find them in a good hardware store, supermarket, The Container Store, or Bed Bath and Beyond.
  2. Buy concentrated cleaning products. I love Better Life products. You can buy gallon sized jugs of concentrates of what-EVER and other solutions on their website. Plus you'll get free shipping since it's over $25! Dr. Bronner's Liquid Castile Soaps and Sal Suds are also highly concentrated- a little bit in a spray bottle or bucket of water will go very far! Check out Lisa Bronner's dilution cheap sheet. Housekeeping Channel has a list of helpful tips for understanding how to dilute cleaning solutions.
  3. Sign up for email newsletters from manufacturers of your favorite green cleaning products. I'm always getting printable coupons from Seventh Generation. Connecting with companies on Facebook and Twitter is another way to get notice of deals. Don't forget to connect with your local supermarket, health food store, and drug store too. They'll have sales and promotions on green cleaning products as well.
  4. Shop at stores that will allow you to return a product if you're dissatisfied with it. (Whole Foods Market is great for this reason.) 
  5. Look for free or inexpensive samples directly from a product manufacturer. Sound Earth will send out a free sample with every order. This will help you discover products you like and avoid ones you don't.
  6. Make your own cleaning products. Check out my video for how to make Viva Vinegar All Purpose Spray or sign up for my mailing list to receive a free illustrated zine of my favorite green cleaning recipes. Invest in a copy of Better Basics for the Home by Annie B. Bond. It's got a natural and inexpensive solution for practically every housekeeping conundrum: cleaning, personal care, pet care, gardening, pest control, etc.
  7. Follow directions on the package (or contact customer service if there are none) to find out the best way to use a product. Don't use more than what's called for. Using the wrong or least effective product for the surface will also waste money because you'll be inclined to use more of it but you still won't get great results.
  8. Spray cleaning product at the surface, or the cleaning cloth, and not at the air around the surface. You wanna hold the spray bottle relatively close to what you want it to get on. Seems obvious, but it's a product-wasting error many people make without even noticing.
Do you have any other tips for saving money on green cleaning? Leave a comment. 

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  1. I've been experimenting with making my own green cleaning products. It's been kinda fun. It's amazing what vinegar can do!



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