Friday, October 25, 2013

How to Hand Wash Garments the Easy Way

I loathe washing garments by hand. For this reason, the clothing in my wardrobe falls into three categories: machine washable, things that officially aren't machine washable but I put in the wash anyway, and sports bras.

Oh sports bras! I only own two. I could buy more, but I don't enjoy undergarment shopping so that leaves me with three other choices:
  • Go braless some days. (Hello itchy nipples!)
  • Wear the same skanky bra. (Ew!)
  • Don't exercise more than twice between laundry sessions.  (I'm studying health & wellness so I know that's not the best idea.)
Okay, I guess there's a fourth option: Wash my sports bra by hand. My inner child wants to throw a temper tamtrum at the very thought of it. At least she used to. That was before I cracked the lazy girl code for hand washing. Wanna know my secret?

Hand wash delicate garments in the shower.
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Seriously. I don't know about you but I love a long shower after I exercise. When I hand wash my sports bra in the shower the reward is built into the chore. So fun! Plus, I was gonna take a shower anyway and it takes two minutes extra at most.

I just rinse the sports bra under water. Then I squeeze liquid soap onto it. I use my tea tree face soap, which is nice because it's got antibacterial (and therefor funk fighting) properties. I rub the soap into it a little. Rinse. Squeeze out the water. And finally hang it from the shower head to dry. (If you're washing something super delicate that can't be squeezed just roll it in your bath towel and squeeze that to remove excess water before hanging.)

Do you love or loathe hand washing? Would you wash your clothes in the shower? 

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  1. Yes, I loathe hand washing. I will toss almost anything in the washing machine! This is a good tip though. Thanks for sharing.

  2. no problem! thanks for your comment LeTroy. nice to know I'm not alone in hating to hand wash.



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