Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I am amazing! (So are you!)

Say it with me, "I am amazing!" How about adding, "I love and accept myself exactly the way I am right now."


Why not?! You are amazing and superloveable! And apparently self-love is a key ingredient in reaching personal fulfillment.

I didn't come up with this. Louise Hay has been helping people heal traumas and enjoy life by prescribing daily affirmations of self-love for decades. So have many other self-help experts.

While all that self-love stuff can sound kinda ridiculous, last night Nick Ortner of The Tapping Solution pointed out what the opposite of self-love sounds like:

"You suck. You're dumb. You can't do anything right. Why do you even bother trying? You know you will fail."

That's pretty supereffing ridiculous! Most of us wouldn't say that to anyone else. Unfortunately many of us have said these things to ourselves. I know I have. Some especially bad days it's been my entire inner dialogue.

Nick says this abusive dialogue makes it difficult for us to achieve our goals. He compared it to baseball. When a team is playing at their home stadium, they are cheered and encouraged by the energy and love of the crowd. They are more likely to win. This is the home court advantage. The "away team" is at a disadvantage because most people are booing them and wishing for their failure.

No person is perfect. We all make mistakes and bad choices, big and small. One key to success is to make the courageous step to recognize and accept our imperfections. We must then give ourselves love and support while we move forward towards our goals.

If we fail to move on with self-compassion and instead choose beat ourselves up, we are truly wasting time. Jeering ourselves also increases stress which, in addition to being unhealthy, makes it harder to think and get things done effectively and efficiently.

We've got to acknowledge we all have unique gifts and deserve the pleasure of sharing that with the world. Let's be loving, forgiving, and encouraging to ourselves so we can make it happen!

Do you treat yourself like you are the home team or the away team? What's one way you can commit to cheer yourself today? 

<3 Here are some free tapping (EFT) audios from The Tapping Solution to help you relieve stress. <3 

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  1. I love this. I'm a a big believer in positive affirmations, and being
    kind to ourselves even on super crappy days. Need to look into the vids,
    I've heard of tapping in passing but still not completely familiar with it.

  2. thanks Stepha! Positive Affirmations are the BEST! LOL! :-) You should totally check out the tapping solution. the link actually takes you to a page of audio and you can download them to listen to later too.



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