Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Green Cleaning eBook is Here!

I'm proud to finally present to the world my first book! Meet Baking Soda & Bliss: The Healthy & Happy Guide to Green Cleaning.

My house is dirty (ironically), my hair is BANANAS, and I ate veggie dogs with months-old frozen onion rings for dinner last night, but the book is done. It's out there and it feels great! I'm a PJs-by-9pm kinda gal but I uploaded the book to E-junkie at 3am last night and I was doing a happy dance.

It is amazing how energizing it is to complete a project or meet a goal! I feel free. I feel like I can do anything now.

Not meeting goals is the exact opposite feeling. My original deadline for the book was in October. I didn't prioritize completing it so- surprise- it didn't get done. I'd been feeling a slight drain on my energy and self-esteem since then. I have a dozen other things I'd like to accomplish this year (and we've only a few weeks to go), but a little voice in my head whispered "But you didn't even finish your book yet." It was a cross between an excuse to postpone those other projects and a nasty dig on my potential. Not completing this one project was endangering my ability to grow. I had to take action.

I recommitted to finishing the book. I established a new realistic deadline and scheduled work sessions. I reached out for support from people in my coaching circle at IIN. I chanted. I tapped.

And I sat down and wrote, which is absolutely not my favorite. It may surprise you but I actually don't like writing much, despite having a BA in Writing and blogging for most of my adult life.

What I do like, what I love really, is connecting with people and sharing my experiences, ideas, and knowledge. I write because it's a tool for achieving that. When I write I see faces at the end of a sentence like friends waving to me as my train pulls into the station. I imagine the good times that will result because I sat down and just did it.

So yeah, there's a book. I wrote it because I wanted another way to connect with you. I  wrote it because I wanted you to have an awesome resource about green cleaning that you can read in iBooks (or your fav PDF reader) when you've got a cleaning conundrum, are in a DIY mood and ready to mix up some cleaners, or just feeling curious about creepy chemicals in conventional cleaners.

The book is $7, which seems fair, but I love a bargain! I'm offering 50% off the first 50 copies to my blog readers, folks who actually see my posts on social media, and their friends. Enter the discount code "LOVE50" at checkout and get my book for just $3.50! (Sale ends March 1, 2014.)

Click here to learn about my book & get your copy.

Have you experienced a challenge completing a project? What motivates (or motivated you) to accomplish your goal? Where do you find support?

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  1. just got my copy Olivia! so excited for you. you really are an inspiration. you are helping me change my lifestyle, and I am sure many others as well. the world needs more positive souls such as yourself. off to read my new e-book!!!

  2. <3 <3 <3 thank you so much Mary! <3 What you said makes my heart glow! Let me know what you think of the book. Hugs!



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