Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How to Make a Perfect Salad

Create the perfect salad in a few quick steps. Check out this awesome guide for even more amazing recipes, produce tips, and more just in time for spring:

Get Institute for Integrative Nutrition's FREE Spring Salads Recipe Guide here.

The guide includes...
  • 18 delicious salad recipes submitted by IIN students and graduates.
  • Tips for creating your own perfect salad, and preserving fresh ingredients.
  • IINformation on what our amazing school is all about.

Now that we've made our salad, how about some dressing?

This is my favorite "new" outfit. I've had this sweater and dress for at least 3 years but I never put them together this way until last week. (I'm gonna be so sad in a few weeks when I have to take off this monkey hat.)

Oh, you were interested in salad dressing?

Yippee Yeah! Get the guide. Make friends with salad!

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