Monday, February 4, 2013

How to Clean Glass with Corn Starch

Looking for a new homemade green glass and mirror cleaning recipe? I discovered one via the fabulous Crunchy Betty: She's coined it Alvin Corn.

Gathering ingredients for Alvin Corn glass cleaner. I forgot to photograph the spray bottle.

Alvin Corn glass cleaner has normal ingredients like water (of course), vinegar (everyone's favorite cleaner), and rubbing alcohol (known to help cut gunk), but it also contains corn starch. Corn starch!

I had no idea cornstarch was such a cleaning superstar, but according to DIY Life it has several household cleaning uses. Many of these applications center around its ability to grab hold of oil and grease.

Totally curious and encouraged by the accolades Crunchy Betty commenters gave the recipe,  I tried Alvin Corn myself. I actually made three batches before I got it right.

I think the key to Alvin Corn is to make sure that water is warm enough to dissolve the cornstarch, but not boiling or super hot. Also don't add the cornstarch to the water. Follow the directions exactly: Add the water to the cornstarch in the bottle.

I didn't do this with my first batch. I just stirred the corn starch into the pan with the very recently boiling water. I ended up with a cleaner that left a disgusting cloudy film over my mirror. I also used my fancypants homemade orange infused vinegar for my first batch, but I don't think that was the source of the problem. I also noticed that the corn starch is an important part of this solution. Without it, the mixture is just bleh. I found that out during my second try, which only included alcohol, water, and orange vinegar. 

After "perfecting" the original Alvin Corn recipe on the third go around, I added 2 extra tablespoons of alcohol to boost drying time. I don't think it made a huge difference but it seems a little more efficient. Here's how I got the best Alvin Corn results:
  1. Add 1/2 TBS to a spray bottle.
  2. Add 1 cup distilled water that has been boiled then cooled to warm. Shake vigorously to dissolve corn starch.
  3. Add 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol and 2 TBS white vinegar. Shake some more to combine.
  4. To use: Shake vigorously before using. Spray glass lightly. Wipe clean quickly with newspaper, coffee filter, or your favorite glass cleaning cloth.

Alvin Corn works okay. There is a dirty spot, but it's possible I didn't wipe there. This photo was taken before I added additional alcohol.

I prefer club soda to clean glass and mirrors. In my experience, it works just as well, is much simpler (just pour into a spray bottle or twist a trigger top onto the bottle, no mixing or shaking), and it's even cheaper. However, I am curious if Alvin Corn would perform better than club soda on exterior windows. Not so much that I'm willing to try. LOL! Some things I'd rather leave to the pros!

Visit Crunchy Betty for complete recipe and instructions, a tutorial video, and to read lots of comments.

Have you used corn starch to clean glass before? Grammar buffs: Is it "corn starch" or "cornstarch"? I can't figure it out! Everyone on the internet writes it as one word but the box spells it as two. Help!

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