Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm featured on Clueless Curl blog

I am so happy to have joined the resource of inspiration and sisterhood that is the Green Light features on Clueless Curl blog. In this recurring feature, Maggi interviews other Black women about their journey to living an eco-friendly life.

Read my recent interview where I talk about sometimes feeling like a hypocrite (it happens to the best of us!) and share my tricks for awesome hair.

Stay around to read more of Maggi's blog where she documents her own journey toward living a more natural lifestyle. I most enjoyed this post about her experiences with henna and clay hair treatments.

Maggi, the blogger behind Clueless Curl, has great hair!


  1. Awww.... you got me blushing over here
    Thanks for taking the time to be featured

  2. i love your blog
    cant seem to find the blog follow button :(

    1. thanks Kiana! I'd be so happy to have another regular reader.

      To follow/ subscribe to my blog posts: Look on the right sidebar > Under "about me" box > under "search this blog" > see "subscribe to" and you can pick posts.

      But your comment makes me think I need to find a clearer button. Thanks so much for the feedback!



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